Blog/ Factors to consider when choosing a commercial / Industrial door installation and service company .

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When it comes to keeping your commercial doors and loading docks working and in good condition, you need to find a reputable door  and loading dock service and installation company you can trust by your side. Generally, these companies provide a complete range of services ranging from installation all the way through to repairs and maintenance. However, with several Commercial door installation companies on the market, it’s important you choose the right one to ensure they are the right match for your business. Don’t know what you should be looking for? Well, read on!

 Reputability :

 First of all, you need to ensure the commercial door installation company has a good reputation in your area. Whether you are looking to install overhead coiling doors, cold storage doors, sectional overhead doors or something else, you would want the company to have a good reputation to provide you high quality workmanship you seek.

Asking other businesses or building owners located in your area for their recommendations can prove useful. After all, they obviously won’t recommend a company unless they have had a great experience with them! Or, if not that, pulling out your laptop and surfing the internet is another way. There are several reviews about companies online, which can give you a better idea of what to expect.


 The next step is to ascertain whether the commercial door installation company has extensive experience and knowledge of what they do. They must be able to supply, install, maintain and repair all kinds of commercial doors. Not only this, it’s also important these services are done quickly, efficiently and without hassle. These are the kind of companies you want to be working with and can develop a long-term professional relationship that will last several years to come.

Turn around Times :

 Another important factor you must consider is the turnaround time the company promises. If your business is sitting without a working door right now, you probably won’t have the time to wait around for the company to “come around” and provide the repair services you require. So, you are better off choosing a company that offers a 24/7 service, with emergency same day services if needed available.

Cost :

And lastly, you need to consider the cost of installation and/or service. Although price is a deciding factor, it’s important to remember cheap doesn’t always mean better. More often than not, the cheaper the service, the more likely there are to be complaints in terms of quality, workmanship and maintenance. Professionally certified and trained trade men cost more at first but long term maintenance will be less. That’s why you should go for high quality work over price, period!

Our installation and services include the following commercial doors and equipment:

  • Rolling steel doors
  • Sectional steel doors
  • Cooler/ freezer door
  • Rolling grilles
  • Commercial entry doors
  • Full view Aluminum  door
  • Insulated and non insulated door
  • High speed doors
  • Wind loaded door
  • Folding , sliding  custom access control gates
  • Barrier arms
  • Dock levelers
  • Fire door
  • Air door
  • Overhead door
  • Strip curtain doors and more

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