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Commercial Vs Residential garage door :

The residential market is more directly impacted by energy standards, such as those of the  ” Energy star ” Program. These are regularly updated and often come with federal tax breaks for homeowners. Additionally, homeowners immediately benefit from the energy bill savings and more comfortable indoor environments associated with efficient windows and doors. More In the commercial market for  doors, adaption of energy efficient products has been slower – building owners typically pay for  door replacements or upgrades, while building tenants reap the benefits of lower energy costs. However, environmental friendliness is becoming a greater priority, and products available for the commercial market come with a wide variety of technologies and certification programs. Commercial building owners and tenants increasingly want to be perceived as environmentally friendly companies. Energy conservation is important, particularly when it can also save costs on long term.    A residential garage door has to look nice. That is one of the honest reasons that there is a split in the market. If you go to a mechanic garage or a shipping warehouse their garage doors are going to look extremely different from the ones you are used to seeing on your home. When you go to these businesses however you will probably not think twice about them looking out of place at all. You won’t judge a business on the plainness of their garage door and how it doesn’t really go with the rest of the building, because it doesn’t make sense for them to really worry about that when they are getting a garage door installed. On the other hand however, your average homeowner cares a great deal about how their garage door looks because it will often be closed and visible and because it also serves as a reflection of the people who live there and the rest of their house. Most of the businesses I’ve mentioned (hopefully) don’t have people living in them, and if they did they would most likely not care about the aesthetic appeal that their garage door was providing. With this in mind it is no wonder that most of the commercial garage doors we see are rather simple and made of the same material. They are easy to clean and maintain and that is about all that is actually worth taking into account for a business. On the other hand, there are of course the more fanciful residential garage doors that are printed upon, designed or painted in ways so that they complement and match the houses they are attached to and don’t look terribly out of place while they are closed.     While looks aren’t everything they certainly are something when it comes to garage doors, so what else matters?

The most important thing about a garage door is probably that it opens or closes. Seeing how it is a ‘door’ it is important that you are able to close it and open it whenever you like and that it stays put once you have done so. Again this is a big valley between commercial garage door owners and residential garage door owners. The average home owner will probably open and close their garage door, let’s say six times a day. That means opening and closing your garage door in the morning when you leave for work twice to account for two drivers. Then another two times when you come home after work and then two more times for if you go out for errands and come back using only one car. This is a pretty conservative estimate for how many times you use your garage door opener, but individuals may vary from day to day. However, six openings and closings doesn’t sound to me like an outrageously low number for a family on a regular week day. On that same weekday one of the businesses I mentioned earlier could easily see ten times that number. Trucks making deliveries and dropping off parts or picking up parts to go out. Opening and closing different parts of a shop or moving shipments around quickly add up as these garage doors get used every day all day often for hours longer than your traditional nine to five.

This is where the reasoning comes in that they might need to be built a little differently. A commercial garage door has to be built to handle almost constant use oftentimes closing and opening constantly during an hour. Residential garage doors on the other hand just don’t need to be built that way. This means that usually residential garage doors will last longer using parts that capitalize on the fact that they will be left in one position for a long time before needing to be used again. They also require less maintenance because of this. If you are looking to buy a residential garage door, then don’t feel like you are getting an inferior product just because it isn’t “commercial grade” because for what you want it is the superior product. The same can be said for anybody in the market for a commercial garage door who might think about going for a residential garage door and garage door opener. There is a reason that the two are separated, if you have serious doubts about which one is right for you then by all means share your concerns with a garage door professional. Otherwise it is most likely best for you to understand why you should stick to your category of garage door openers and why doing so will save you a great deal of hassle and expense. Whether it gets a nicer looking garage door for your home or a garage door that is built to be constantly on the move it is all about what type of garage door will suit your needs best. Residential Garage Door  Our residential door from traditional carriage style door to the contemporary full view garage door. Choose from several distinct styles and material types. Commercial Garage Door   Our commercial overhead doors are constructed using the finest raw materials, produced by the hands of skilled craftsmen, customized with computer aided precision, and delivered both on time and with care mainly three type doors

  • Insulated sandwich door
  • Ribbed steel pan and Pan Insulated door
  • Aluminum full view door

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